“Over the course of one’s life, the family veterinarian becomes a life long friend. I know mine has. I trust her advice and knowledge. She has seen me through many happy, pet owning years and some heartaches along the way, too. I know I can count on her. So, if you are like my veterinarian, you are always seeking the best care for those who come to you, the owners and their four legged friends. This section is for you, the veterinarian. I haven’t met a vet who hasn’t found this section helpful.”

What You Should Know When Choosing a Pet Crematory as Your Partner

While the North Georgia, Tri-State crematory scandal did not impact the pet cremation industry, it did shine a glaring light on what could happen if an innocent party trusts the wrong cremation partner.This section is designed to help guide you, the veterinarian, through the process of what to ask, what to look for, and most importantly, identifying the pet crematory that will guarantee the integrity of your veterinary practice. Not all pet crematories are what they say they are. Get the facts. Because pet crematories are unregulated, you can and should recommend the pet crematory with the highest standards, practices and processes.  Your pet owners count on you to do so.No one knows better than you that pets are important members of a family. Owners care about them, worry about them. They want to make the best decisions for that faithful family friend. Most pet owners carefully considered the choice for a veterinarian and chose you as their pet’s health care provider. You are their trusted advisor on many issues concerning healthcare.

At the end of a pet’s life, it is not uncommon for you to give advice or make recommendations concerning death care. So, just like in the healthy part of their lives, pet owners look to you, their veterinarian, for guidance and advice about what to do when their pet dies. After all, choosing a reputable death care provider is likely to be one of the last thoughtful decisions you may help a pet owner make.Grief & Bereavement Resources for Vet Clinics: If you or your team needs additional grief and bereavement resources, we are happy to provide you with printed copies of our resource guide, “Grieving the Loss of a Pet.” Feel free to use the electronic version or reproduce as needed.

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