Meet the Paws, Whiskers & Wags Team

Christine Hunsaker, Co-Founder

Christine Hunsaker is the owner and founder of Paws, Whiskers & Wags, Your Pet Crematory. The company was built on a strong foundation for the love and commitment to animals, especially her personal pets. Christine is one of the nation’s leading cremationists and continues to build, run and lead some of the world’s largest human cremation companies. It is her acute understanding of the honesty and integrity required to operate a sensitive cremation business that shelters and cares for the loved ones of others, that has built a business un-matched by others. Christine shares her home with her partner Kellie Rowker, a pet lover and a trauma nurse at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta; a chocolate standard poodle, Mocha Java; a black lab, Myrtle; two wonderful cats, Billy and Tigger; and a horse, Phoenix.

Dr. Cindi Branch, Co-Founder

Cindi Branch is a devoted pet lover and help found Paws, Whiskers & Wags – Pet Crematory, in 2005, following the death of her beloved poodle, Casey. She has twenty years of experience with the largest provider of funeral, cemetery, and crematory services in the world. Her passion for service is evident and she works to help pet owners through the grief process. Cindi initiated the Company’s Grief Training program and helps maintain our strong relationship with the University of Georgia. An avid “Bulldawg,” Cindi makes her home at Lake Oconee and shares it with her two Poodle kids, Rudy, and Lucky Girl. She enjoys the outdoors, boating, sports, movies, and reading.


Nikki Hofland, General Manager, and Tobi, Chief Napping Officer

Nikki has called the Atlanta area home since 2003. Growing up, Nikki was the daughter of a GI, which gave her the opportunity to live in many places throughout the world. That explains her love of travel! However, her first love is spending time doting on her fur kid, Toblerone. Tobi is the official Dog Manager of All Operations, though she does have a tendency to nap on the job.

Nikki’s extensive professional background as a Retail Operations Executive prepared her for the role of General Manager for all Paws, Whiskers & Wags locations. She feels gratification in her role as she assists fellow animal lovers in their time of need.

MacGregor ChristnerMacGregor Christner, Director of Accounting

MacGregor has a Bachelors’s Degree in Business Administration & Finance from the University of Texas at Austin. His professional experience is in finance and operations, including 11 years at Service Corporation International. His personal philosophy is to, “Discover a purpose that gives you passion, then develop a plan that makes you persistent.” MacGregor has five children, ranging in age from 17 – 25. He enjoys art, photography, writing poetry, and working out.

Sid Smith, Property & Facilities Manager
Sid has a Bachelors’s Degree in Fine Arts from Rhode Island School of Design and over 15 years of experience in construction, renovation, and woodworking. If it’s broken, he can fix it! He also loves art and science. Sid has two wonderful children, a dog, three guinea pigs, and three birds.

Kevin Ledford, Location Manager of Charlotte, North Carolina

Kevin is a native of Atlanta and joined our team in January 2018. A veteran of the U.S. Air Force, Kevin was a funeral director on the human side of the death care industry for 25 years before deciding to come over to the pet side. He has been a client of Paws, Whiskers & Wags twice before. He wanted to share the same care compassion and kindness with others that were shown to him during the loss of his four-legged children. Kevin is the proud papa of a Cocker Spaniel/Shar Pei mix dog named Annabelle and a short hair alley cat named Rocky. He is a self-proclaimed U.S presidential history buff who also enjoys museums and is an avid fan of bowling and poker. He is also a proud member of the Human Rights Campaign.

Alex Mai, Location Manager of Decatur, Georgia

A graduate of Brooks County High School and Valdosta State University, Alex is a seasoned leader in client services, management, operations, and sales with a wealth of experience in various fields from service/hospitality to retail and industrial settings. He has a love of literature and family and wants to “be the person my wife believes me to be, the person my child looks up to, and the person my cats expect me to be.”


Michael Harris, Supervisor

Michael relocated to Atlanta from Kentucky in 1991. With over 30 years of combined experience in the customer care and animal care fields, including, several years managing the Atlanta Humane Vet Center front office, as well being the former owner/operator of Piedmont Pawz, one of Atlanta’s most successful premier Canine Cardio & In-Home pet care providers for 16 years.  Michael joined the Paws, Whiskers & Wags pet crematory family in 2015 because he wanted to be a support to families and help them honor the memory of their beloved pets.   He is the loving parent of two very unique and special felines: Dude, a 16-year old Bombay mix, and Jinx a 5-year old Tuxedo.

Mallory Meek, Supervisor

Mallory went to the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville where she studied child development. She has previously been a manager in retail/customer service settings. Mallory grew up on a farm in Arkansas, so she has been surrounded by animals her entire life – from ferrets to cows! On the farm, she learned to love and care for many kinds of animals. Having experienced the loss of animals throughout her life, she strives to make others’ hard times a bit easier. Her dream is to someday bring animals into a hospital setting to visit children and help make their stay go faster.


Ashton Salazar, Supervisor

Ashton is a senior at Reinhardt University studying psychology. She previously worked at a pet supply company but wanted a job where she could work more one-on-one with families. Her passions include helping people and caring for animals. As a former client of Paws, Whiskers & Wags, she wants to share her experience and make sure that other’s loved ones are also cared for with respect and dignity. Ashton’s hobbies include drawing, painting, music, and video games. She lives with a husky named Eezo, a husky mix named Suvi, and a long-haired dachshund named Padah.

Brittany Elmore, Supervisor

Brittany loves animals and has worked in the animal care field for three years as a veterinary tech. Her philosophy in life is to, “Count your blessings, not your problems. And count your own blessings, not someone else’s blessings.” She adds that jealousy occurs when you count someone else’s blessings, instead of your own. Brittany loves her pets, traveling, music, art, and family events/parties.


Kalie Roper, Supervisor
Kalie is originally from California but moved to Atlanta when she was 18. She has worked in customer service for over 5 years but is hoping to start school at the University of Georgia – Athens next year and study occupational therapy. She enjoys helping people, so she loves working at Paws, Whiskers & Wags where she can help someone every day. Kalie strongly believes that there is nothing more important than family, and she includes pets as members of the family. Pets are the family we choose, so she feels they should be treated the same way we would want to be treated.

Netanya Cross, Supervisor
Netanya began her career in Veterinary Care when she was 17 years old, starting as a Kennel Assistant and working her way up to a Veterinary Assistant. With 11 years of experience in the veterinary industry, Paws, Whiskers & Wags seemed like the next logical step in her career. She strives to constantly learn and adapt to different situations and believes in the basic principle of the Golden Rule – “do unto others as you would have others do to you”. Netanya shares a home with her wife, Krista, and a zoo of five cats (Oliver, Luna, Seeley, River, and Kam) and two dogs (Dexter and Seven). She is a huge movie and TV show buff and enjoys hiking with her wife and pups, traveling, and gaming.

Jason Christenbury, Logistics & Operations Team Lead
Jason enjoys being a part of the PWW family because he is given the opportunity to provide exceptional care and not only meet expectations but exceed them for our families.  He has a B.A. in Mass Communications from UNC of Charlotte and enjoys bowling, movies, and food in a variety of venues from dinner parties to restaurants.  Jason and his wife, Amy, have 3 dogs named Ozzy, Tango, & Cash.

Alafia Patterson, Client Services & Operations

Alafia came to Paws, Whiskers & Wags with a B.S. in Biology from Warren Wilson College. She has several years of experience training working dogs and caring for pets and farm animals. She believes that you should always try something new, then you’ll know if you do or do not like it. Outside of work, Alafia enjoys watching horror movies, gaming, books, and arts and crafts. She goes home each day to Bear, the “old man dog”, a couple of chickens, and one very loud duck.

Allen Yelton, Logistics

As a native of California, Allen relocated to North Carolina with his husband of 32 years and now 10-year-old son, whom they adopted at birth in 2010. They moved here to be closer to Allen’s mother in her declining years. Allen brings over 25 years of experience in the funeral and cremation industry to his team at Paws, Whiskers & Wags. Allen enjoys spending his free time with his family traveling and exploring the East Coast. After recently losing his beloved dog, Bodie the Airedale terrier, and his loyal tabby cat, Baxter, Allen, and his family plan on adopting another dog and cat in the near future. Allen’s philosophy is, “Live life to its fullest with the ones you love.”

Anthony Gregory, Logistics and Operations

Anthony has experience in transportation and a CDL-A license. He enjoys the service he provides to our families and likes to establish relationships with the veterinary clinics that the company serves. He enjoys spending time with his family and participating in sports, fishing, and watching sports.Ashley Gigante, Client Services and Operations

Ashley is a lifelong resident of North Carolina and brings a background of over 20 years of experience in hospitality services. She has studied nursing and has over a decade of work experience in the medical field. Ashley is a cat mom of two and understands the role pets fulfill as family in our lives. Outside of work she enjoys hiking, photography, and her ’76 Ford van.

Brian Bergamini, Logistics
Brian is currently working on his Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Religious Studies.  He holds an Associate of Science degree in Laser Electro-Optics and has previous driving experience as a casket delivery driver for Matthews-Aurora.  Brian enjoys spending time with his wife and two daughters watching movies, listening to music, burning large amounts of wood in his backyard, and going on annual adventures.  He is a collector of stories in various forms from comics to books and movies and enjoys writing his own stories when time permits.  Brian’s philosophy is that “Reality is overrated” and he perpetually searches for ways to make reality live up to the expectations of the imagination.  Fun fact for Brian: He used to formally practice Aikido, which is a Japanese Martial Art technique based on Samurai battle tactics, and now practices it and the use of historical weapons in the privacy of his own home.

Brittany Nolley, Operations
Brittany brings experience in the medical, customer service, and veterinary fields. She has a degree in Criminal Justice and is CPR certified. Brittany enjoys reading, solving mysterious problems, and writing poetry. She plays basketball, enjoys music, and believes that determination builds the best.

Cameron Roper, Logistics
Cameron has always been a lover of animals, believing that our pets are family and should be treated as such.  Paws, Whiskers & Wags was there for him when he needed it, now he is there for the families when they need PWW.  Cameron is currently pursuing a degree in Chemical Engineering at GA University and is an Eagle Scout.  He is number 3 of 5 children and just married his best friend.  Cameron and his wife take care of 2 of their own four-legged children.

Dakota Mosteller, Logistics
Dakota has previous experience driving routes and enjoys it. He likes to do almost anything outdoors, enjoys playing video games, and watching movies. He has an interest in the stock market, too.

Demene Thedford, Logistics
A native Floridian with an offbeat sense of humor, Demene has 20 years of customer service experience. She is a lifetime animal lover and her family’s pet midwife.  She has previously worked with the Atlanta Humane Society, Paws Atlanta, and the Macon Museum of Arts and Sciences as a wildlife presenter. Her hobbies include Arts & Crafts as well as other DYI projects.

Desiree Catron, Accounting Assistant
An experienced pet sitter for dogs, cats, lizards, and chickens, Desiree believes that pets are our family and a big part of our hearts. She says that it is an honor to offer compassion, kindness, and lasting memories to each family as they commemorate their loved ones. A former student of North Georgia University and Georgia State University, Desiree enjoys hiking, camping, cooking, travel, crochet, Doctor Who, puzzles, cosplay, and festivals. Her family consists of her three kitties, Murry (who has his own Facebook page and possibly his own TikTok account), Leela Boo, and Misty Flynn.

Heather Palmer, Client Services
Heather believes in offering compassion and support to families during their time of loss. A cosmetologist with over 20 years of experience, Heather is also a pet sitter and avid animal protector. She loves music, the outdoors, and pets of course!

James Neelin, Logistics
James has over 12 years of driving experience with various organizations.  He is confident and able to drive different vehicles from dump trucks to vans with trailers attached.  James enjoys gold mining and sand volleyball and has the philosophy that the outer world is reflective of our inner world and it is what we make of it.

Kiana Payton, Client Services
A graduate of Lyons Township high school and currently studying nursing, Kiana brings many years of experience serving families. She has been in the funeral business with her mother since she was a child, and has loved it every since then. She loves the feeling that she is able to help someone especially in need of comfort, and enjoys watching movies with her Bison Shih tzu, Bear Bear, going on family trips, and online shopping.


Levi Woody, Logistics

Levi Woody, who is pictured here with his cat, Spock, was born and raised in the Atlanta area. A lifelong animal lover, Levi used to breed crested eyelash geckos when he was a kid. He loves working at Paws, Whiskers & Wags because he has a passion for animals, and his role here allows him to honor the lives of their loved ones.

Paige Lane, Client Services & Operations
Paige has been in customer service since she first joined the workforce, and has many years of experience helping people. She enjoys spending time with her boyfriend, two stepkids, her dog Bagel, and her cat Jinx. She is a self-admitted true crime genre junkie, and is obsessed with podcasts. Knowing that she can help a little bit in a dark moment here at Paws, Whiskers & Wags makes “her heart warm.”

Sarah Tindle, Client Services & Operations
Sarah has an Associate of Science degree and has always worked in the pet industry in a variety of positions: dog walker/sitter, pet store associate, and dog hotel associate. Because she has a “zoo of her own,” she knows how hard it is to lose a loved one, no matter the size or species. She treats each pet in her care as if it were her own. Her life revolves around animals! Her “zoo” consists of 3 cats, 3 dogs, 2 ferrets, 4 fish tanks, 12 rats, 2 mice, and 2 horses. Whether she’s at home or at work, Sarah wants each animal to feel completely cared for and loved.

Shr’von Johnson, Client Relations
Shr’von is currently attending school to become a veterinary technician, and is already a certified veterinary assistant. She has always dealt with animals, beginning as a groomer. She does this job because she loves animals and she believes they need someone to help them just like they help us. She loves spending time with her own fur babies, and says food is her biggest personal interest.

Teven Dudley, Logistics
Teven is a Atlanta native who’s has an expansive driving and distribution background (CDL’s). He found a place at PWW and enjoys the service he provides to our customers. Teven has a passion for cooking, (best BBQ in GA) and music.  He is family-oriented and believes “charity starts at home and spreads abroad.”  Teven will ensure that your family and loved ones are taken care of, just as if they were his own.

Tyrone McGhee, Logistics
Tyrone has nearly five years of professional animal care experience, both medical and in the hospitality side of animal care. A self-professed video game and pro wrestling fan, he also has over a decade of customer service and management experience. He loves cooking, baking in particular, and working with his hands. He loves to work in the garden, craft sculptures from clay, and to build props and costumes. Tyrone chooses to work with animals because he feels that pets are more than just animals–they are forever friends.William Johnson, Logistics
William has extensive industry experience in driving trucks and is interested in the cosmos and gods and goddesses. He believes that, “Because I am life, I see myself in everything.”