This metal pet urn is crafted from brass with a high-gloss, multicolored metallic finish and is finished with a threaded lid for secure closure. This pet urn features paw prints with a matching band detail. Also available in Pewter and Slate finishes.

Heart Keepsake
Item Code: TB2045K
Approximate Pet Weight (lbs): nominal
Price: $85.00

Item Code: TB2045P
Approximate Pet Weight (lbs): 0 – 25
Price: $85.00

Extra Small
Item Code: TB2045XS
Approximate Pet Weight (lbs): 0 – 40
Price: $100.00

Item Code: TB2045S
Pet Weight (lbs): 0 – 85
Price: $135.00

Metal Stand for Heart Keepsakes
Item Code: TB10K
Available in Silver and Gold Finishes
Price: $25.00

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