Urns and Memorials

Figurine Urns – Cats



Our figurine urns are an opportunity to completely customize your memorial. Hundreds of breeds with many different position/marking options are available. Below is a small selection of what we offer. Call us at (404) 609-1072 to find your perfect figurine.

Item Code: FP-TR200-S
Approximate Pet Weight (lbs): 0 – 45
Price: $205.00

Item Code: FP-TR200-M
Approximate Pet Weight (lbs): 0 – 70
Price: $225.00

Item Code: FP-TR200-L
Approximate Pet Weight (lbs): 0 – 95
Price: $250.00

Extra Large
Item Code: FP-TR200-XL
Approximate Pet Weight (lbs): 0 – 125
Price: $300.00

Your choice of Oak, Walnut, or Maple Finish options – Prices include urn with custom figurine. Hundreds of figurine options available in different positions and with varied markings. Visit ForeverPets to view all figurine options.  Engraving on bronze plaque or the urn is available for an additional fee.