Urns and Memorials

Cedar Box Urn



Eastern Red Aromatic cedar is a beautiful, natural material for your loved one. Each box will have unique characteristics, grain structure or knots. The color of the box will be a combination of both red and blonde wood grain. The wood is preserved with a clear matte finish. The wood is not stained to keep the natural character. As cedar ages it changes to a mellow honey brown shade. All boxes come with a shiny gold square lock.

Extra Small
Item Code: CVBC-XS
Pet Weight (lbs): 0-15
Price: $50.00

Item Code: CVBC-S
Pet Weight (lbs): 0-20
Price: $55.00

Item Code: CVBC-Med
Pet Weight (lbs): 0-40
Price: $65.00

Item Code: CVBC-Mid
Pet Weight (lbs): 0-60
Price: $70.00

Item Code: CVBC-L
Pet Weight (lbs): 0-70
Price: $75.00

Extra Large
Item Code: CVBC-XL
Pet Weight (lbs): 0-115
Price: $100.00

Item Code: CVBC-J
Pet Weight (lbs): 0-140
Price: $120.00

Extra Jumbo
Item Code: CVBC-XJ
Pet Weight (lbs): 0-200
Price: $200.00

Item Code: CVBC-XXJ
Pet Weight (lbs): 0-300
Price: $250.00