Pets give us comfort when we’re sad, laughter when we need a smile and companionship when we’re lonely. So, when a beloved pet dies, it can feel as though there is a hole in our lives. For many pet owners, cremating their animals is a way to keep their pets close to them, even after death. Here at Paws, Whiskers & Wags, we know just how much you treasure your pets. That’s why we offer stunning ceramic urns and resin urns to contain the ashes of your furry family members.If you’ve decided to cremate the body of your deceased pet, you need to contain those remains in a way that is both attractive and memory-inducing. Our ceramic pet urns and resin pet urns fit the bill, with an extensive choice of different styles, finishes, shapes and colors.

Durability and Style

Both ceramic and resin cremation urns have been used for a long time, and for good reason. These materials are durable and functional while still offering many different options for shape, color, finish and style. The vessel you choose should match both your personal home décor tastes as well as the personality of your pet.

Similar to our marble urns, we have ceramic urns for pets in the more traditional shape. Our blue friendship urn looks stately placed upon a mantle and they can be customized with the name of your pet.

If you prefer statuary, similar to our figurine pet urns, over the traditional urn, we also offer a range of animals to choose from in varying finishes, including our resting cat ivory pet urn and our guinea pig bronze urn.

Home Décor With Meaning

A pet urn should have special meaning, but it should also add to your home décor. We have ceramic pet urns that fit the bill. Our stunning Sky Vase Urn collection, in five different color options, allows you to connect life and death. The remains of your treasured pet are contained in the bottom half of the vase with the top half allowing for the display of beautiful live flowers.

Let Us Help You Honor Your Pet

Going through the loss of a pet can be devastating, but deciding how to honor and keep your pet with you can bring a bit of closure. Let us help you through this process. Contact Paws, Whiskers & Wags today.