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Community Pet Cremation

At Paws, Whiskers & Wags, we understand that the loss of a beloved pet is an emotional and difficult process under the best of circumstances. We also understand that pet parents and their families have different needs and budgetary restrictions. Community pet cremation is an economical option for pet parents that do not want the ashes of their pet returned after pet cremation services are completed.

The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance defines communal pet cremation as,

“A cremation procedure where multiple animals are cremated together without any form of separation. These commingled cremated remains are not returned to owners.”

At Paws, Whiskers & Wags, after community cremation, we return your pet’s ashes back to the earth, and encourage you to consider a complimentary lock of fur memorial keepsake or clay memorial pawprint to have a tangible way to remember your loved one.

We also offer private cremation services, where each pet is cremated alone with a Pet Tracker 360 and the ashes are returned to their family.

Pet Weight (in lbs) Pricing
0 – 49 $75
50 – 200 $150
Black cat with yellow eyes and spaniel dog facing one another

What is community cremation?

Community cremation, also commonly called communal cremation, is a cremation service performed where pets are cremated together.

What happens to communally cremated pets?

During communal cremation, pets’ remains are commingled, or mixed together and are impossible to separate. After community cremation, we return the commingled ashes back to the earth to allow them to break down naturally and replenish our soil.

Can I still get keepsakes if I have my pet cremated communally?

At Paws, Whiskers & Wags, we can save a complimentary lock of fur keepsake and a clay memorial keepsake for your pet, regardless of the type of cremation. We can also take photos of your pet’s nose and paw, if you are interested in a personalized keepsake, such as an engraved keychain or memorial jewelry. Just let us know which keepsakes you are interested in when making arrangements with us.

Can I bring my pet to you for cremation?

You are more than welcome to bring your pet directly to us for pet cremation services. If our offices are open, you do not need an appointment and can come to us anytime. If our offices are closed, please contact us to coordinate an after hours appointment or to schedule the best time to meet you.

Will you pick up my pet for cremation?

Yes – if your pet passes away at your veterinary clinic, we will bring them into our care from your clinic for a transportation fee, depending on the distance traveled. Please let your veterinary clinic know you would like to use Paws, Whiskers & Wags and we will coordinate with both you and them.

If your pet passes away at home, we can provide housecall services where we bring your pet into our care from your home. Housecall services are $75 for loved ones under 50 lbs and $150 for pets over 50 lbs. A transportation fee of $2 a mile, with a minimum of $25, will also be applied. Click here for more information on pricing.

Please contact us for community pet cremation services in the metro Atlanta, GA area, including Marietta and Covington, and Charlotte and Hickory, NC.