Artistic Wooden Pet Urns

When losing a beloved pet, you lose a member of your family. Our wood pet urns allow you to honor the life of your dog, cat or other small animal in your home. Made from quality cherry, oak, walnut, pine and bamboo, we offer a range of finishes and personalization options so you can respectfully display and respect your favorite pets.

Wood Types

When deciding on the type of wood for your pet’s urn, consider your own personal taste as well as what makes you feel most connected to the recently departed. Here are some of our offerings and why they may be what works best for you:

  • Rosewood: This distinctive dark wood has rich tones and suggests regal beauty.
  • Cherry: Similar to rosewood, this red-toned wood is classic and contemporary alike.
  • Oak: A warm, yellow finish is ideal for urns that are to become a centerpiece in your home.
  • Walnut: Those who like darker wood often chose walnut for its deep, almost black color.
  • Pine: This traditional option is the perfect choice for no-nonsense pet owners who want to display a sleek, stunning urn.
  • Bamboo: If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly urn option, bamboo is the perfect choice.

No matter the finish you choose, your pet will be honored and respected in one of our wood urns.


We have a variety of wood urns that you can personalize for your pet. Some have photo windows where you can slide in a favorite snapshot of your dog playing fetch or your cat resting in its beloved napping spot. We also have an urn option that features a custom figurine.

With hundreds of different breeds to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect representation of your pet. Plus, you can add a metal name plate with your pet’s moniker. Even our most basic boxes can be personalized with the name of your pet as well as its birth and death dates.


Whether you prefer an ornate, carved urn or a minimalist box, we have what you’re looking for. We even offer a pet house style urn for a happy reminder of your favorite furry friend. Our urns come in several different sizes, depending on the size of your pet, the displaying area and whether you’d like to include a preferred toy or collar.

Whatever urn you choose, it will become a family treasure. Our wooden urns make it easy to respectfully display the remains of your pet.