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How Much Does It Cost To Cremate a Dog? November 13, 2021

dog cremation cost

Losing your best friend and trusted companion is never easy, and deciding what to do with your beloved pet’s remains is just as difficult. However, you probably want to do so in a respectful manner, which is why you may be considering cremation. Many people assume that it is very expensive to cremate a dog, but how much you’ll spend really depends on several factors. Read on to find out how much it costs to cremate a dog and whether it is the right option for you.

How Does Dog Cremation Work?

The process of cremating pets is basically the same as it is for human remains. The body is placed in a cremation chamber where intense heat reduces the remains to ash and bone fragments. The difference for dogs is found in the options and relating costs:

  • Private: A private dog cremation is where only one animal is put into the cremation chamber. This allows the owners to receive only their pets’ remains back. This is also the most expensive option, ranging from $100 to $275.
  • Semi-private: In a semi-private cremation, multiple animals are in the cremation chamber together, but they are divided by partitions. This keeps the ashes mostly separate, but it is possible to have minor mixing of the remains. This typically costs around $50 to $150.
  • Communal: A communal cremation is where multiple pets are cremated together without any separation. The remains are co-mingled, so most crematoriums will not allow owners to have their pets’ ashes afterward. This is the least-expensive option, starting at about $30.

The cremation process can take from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of your dog as well as the type of cremation used.

Burial vs. Cremation

Many pet owners wonder if it would be cheaper to bury their dogs. This depends on where you live and your local laws. Some places do not allow pet burial, even in your own backyard, so that free option may not be available to you. The alternative is to purchase a burial plot at a pet cemetery, which can cost hundreds of dollars. Add to that the cost of a casket and a headstone, which may be required at certain cemeteries, and you could spend up to $1,000 to bury your dog.

Factors Affecting Your Budget

When determining the cost of cremating your dog, there are several factors to consider:

  • The size of your dog; smaller animals cost less to cremate.
  • Whether or not you want your dog’s ashes back. If you want the remains, you’ll have to pay more for a private or semi-private cremation.
  • Whether you would like to pay for a memorial service.

If you have a tight budget, a communal cremation may work best for you. If you want to spare no expenses, you might consider a private cremation with a memorial service included.

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