Check Out Our Selection of Urns

We have a great selection of urns at Paws, Whiskers & Wags that you can select from in person, or feel free to peruse our urn gallery. All urns can be used for cats, dogs, and any other types of pet, however, we do have some that are specific to your type of pet. The size of the urn you will need will be determined by the weight of your pet. Please see the details for each urn. Engraving is available for an additional fee.

Choose the Urn That is Right for Your Family

For many families, losing a pet is just as difficult as losing a family member. That is why many people choose to have their beloved animal cremated and their remains displayed in the home. Honoring the life, no matter how long, of your pet is a good way to deal with the grief that may accompany its passing.

The urn that you choose to contain your pet’s ashes should be one that is high-quality and reflects your personal style or the unique personality of your dog, cat or other animal. We are proud to offer a wide selection of pet urns in a range of materials, as well as memorial jewelry options if you would prefer to keep your loved one’s remains physically close.

1. Consider the ultimate resting place.

Do you plan on keeping your loved one’s remains indefinitely? If so, a more permanent urn, such as a metal or ceramic urn, will be the best option. These urns are designed to be a permanent memorial, to protect your loved one’s remains safely and securely for many years. If you are intending to bury or scatter your loved one’s remains after services are completed, consider a scatter tube to easily and respectfully scatter remains. You can also purchase a biodegradable urn or a stone memorial intended for outdoor use. Many families prefer to keep a small amount of remains in a small memorial or piece of jewelry and then scatter the rest.

2. Consider the material and style.

Depending on your final wishes for your pet, the material of the urn can be incredibly important. Do you prefer natural materials, such as marble, or a manufactured material, such as enameled metal called Cloisonne? Some families prefer an urn that is a classic shape and style. Others prefer a discrete option that doesn’t look like an urn, such as a vase or a handblown glass artwork.

3. Choose the correct size.

All of our urns include sizing information or dimensions to help inform your decision, and most include a recommended weight range. If the urn listed includes a size that holds a “nominal” amount of remains, this means that the urn is intended as a keepsake to hold a small amount of remains. They can sometimes be the appropriate size for a small pet such as a hamster, bird, or gecko.

4. Consider personalization.

Many of our urns can be engraved with a special message, your pet’s name, or even a photo of your loved one in some cases. Some of our photo urns or framed urns are intended to hold a photo of your pet that we can place for you. Some families prefer a personalized figurine urn, where they get to choose a figure that closely resembles their pet. You can also have a special jewelry memorial made, with your loved one’s engraved paw print or nose print.

5. Give yourself time.

There is no need to rush to decide on which permanent memorial option you prefer. You know your pet the best, and what will honor them the best. We are here to answer any questions you might have, so please contact us anytime.