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The Importance of a Pet Loss Support Group

Grief experiences are as unique as people. The feelings of loss, following the death of a beloved pet, can be equal to or greater than the grief experience after losing a friend or loved one….Read more

Dealing with Pet Loss: Volunteer with a Pet Rescue Organization

After the death of a beloved pet, many people may feel lost about how to move forward in the recovery process. It is important to take the time to fully mourn the loss of your…Read more

Helpful Tips for Senior Pets

Just like people, pets need a little extra medical attention and care as they grow older. Given the right diet, exercise, and veterinary care, senior pets can live long and happy lives. While all pets…Read more

Positive Ways to Grieve the Loss of a Pet

As everyone at Paws, Whiskers & Wags well knows, the feelings of loss and sadness after losing a beloved pet can be overwhelming. As you begin the process of grieving for your pet, it is…Read more

Should You See a Pet Loss Counselor?

When a beloved pet passes away, the experience can feel acutely painful. Pet moms and dads often develop very close bonds with their fur babies. When these precious ones pass away, the owner/family may experience…Read more

Why It’s Important to Mourn for Your Pet

If you have ever owned a pet, you know that pets are more than just animals. A pet is a member of your family who provides unconditional love and companionship. When a pet passes away,…Read more

Benefits of Private Pet Cremation

Paws, Whiskers & Wags, your pet crematory in Atlanta and Charlotte, provides pet owners with compassionate and professional care after the passing of their pets. As animal lovers, we understand the profound grief that pet…Read more

Honor Your Pet: Four Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Memory Alive

When a beloved pet passes away, the feelings of loss can be overwhelming. First and foremost, you must allow yourself to experience your grief. Someone with whom you had a very close bond has passed…Read more

Helping Your Other Animals Grieve the Loss of a Pet

When a family pet passes away, humans are not the only ones who feel the loss. Other pets in the home have spent a lot of time in close contact with the deceased pet, and…Read more

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Say Goodbye?

When a beloved family pet becomes ill, injured, or elderly, pet owners are faced with the decision of when to say goodbye. Because pet owners simultaneously dread the loss of their pet and want to…Read more