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Urns and Memorials

Metal Pet Urns

The loss of a pet can be difficult and many people find closuring by keeping all or a portion of their pet’s remains. The method for displaying your pet’s ashes is a personal choice, but our metal cremation urns are a great option for those who want a regular, visual reminder of their pet. Instead of tucking the urn away somewhere where you won’t see it regularly, you’ll want to display this urn prominently in your home.

Why Choose Metal Urns for Pets?
Our polished metal urns come in a variety of colors, finishes, styles and sizes so that you can choose the best option for your pet family member. They can be both a touching tribute to your pet and a durable vessel to contain your loved one’s remains. They close tightly and securely with threaded lid closures for protection and longevity.

Metal is an excellent material for a pet urn, thanks to its striking appearance and durability. No matter your personal taste or style, we have a metal option that you’ll love. If you prefer a classic metal look, we have several options, but we also offer more colorful choices, including crimson and even an oil slick finish. We also offer our unique, metal Arielle Heart Urn.

The ability to create a customized metal pet urn allows you to memorialize what was special and unique about your pet—and we want to help you honor that.

Browse our selection of metal urns for pets to find the one that speaks to you—and remember, most can be engraved for an additional fee, so contact us today, if you have any questions or would like to order a memorial urn for your loved pet.

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