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Urns and Memorials

Personalized Clay Pawprint


Paws, much like hands, are one-of-a-kind; Clay paw print memorials are a unique way of keeping the memory of your pet alive. When set into our high-quality white polymer clay, the impression of your pet’s paw is preserved for you forever.

Each Clay Paw Print Keepsake is approximately 4 x 5” and includes a shadow box frame with a faux leather cover, a Rainbow Bridge poem, and a pocket in which you can place a special photo of your beloved pet. The polymer clay air dries within 24-48 hours, so no baking is needed. The clay will stay soft until dried for 24-48 hours. After drying, the clay is firm and will not crumble when exposed to moisture, sunlight, or temperature changes.

Clay Pawprint
Price: $39.00

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