When a beloved pet passes, many of us go through the same grieving process as we would for a human companion, friend, or relative. One way of coping with this painful loss is to honor the life of your departed pet through pet memorials.

Listed below are just a few of the ways that you can preserve the memory of your pet through pet memorials.

Create A Written Memorial

After a pet passes, many owners find it both comforting and cathartic to compose a written pet memorial. Setting aside the time to celebrate the life of your pet with a written tribute can help to ease the pain that comes with pet loss.

Submit an online obituary to share with family and friends, or post your written memorial to our Facebook page.

Design a Customized Pet Memorial Stone or Urn

Whether you choose to bury or cremate your pet, you may find that you wish to mark his or her final resting place in a unique way. An engraved pet urn or a personalized stone memorial can provide an elegant, lasting tribute to your pet’s memory.

Create a Personal Pet Memorial Item

Paws, Whiskers & Wags helps pet owners create a personal remembrance of their pets by making an impression of your pet’s paw print–a lasting tribute to the footprints that our beloved pets leave in our hearts and our lives. We can also engrave your loved one’s paw or nose on a keychain or piece of jewelry for a daily reminder of your pet’s presence with you. Many families like to create or commission a piece of artwork or frame a special photo to keep in a prominent place in the home.

Volunteer in Your Pet's Memory

Donating your time or money to a charitable foundation is a wonderful way to preserve the memory of your pet. A number of local animal shelters and rescues in the Atlanta area like PAWS Atlanta, Atlanta Pet Rescue and Furkids, Inc. depend on the support of animal lovers to provide a warm, compassionate environment for adoptable pets.

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