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Urns and Memorials

Figurine Pet urns

A memorial to your recently passed pet should commemorate the special memories and moments that you shared together. While some people choose to go with one of our urns, such as marble you may be looking for something that more accurately depicts your dog, cat, bird or other small animal pet. Figurine urns are both attractive and accurate, allowing you to show off a stunning replica of your beloved animal.

Think Outside of the Box
Your pet was special and an important part of your family. You wouldn’t inter their remains in anything other than a memorial that is fit for their personality, and our figurine pet urns may be just the thing. They are a completely customizable option that offers instant recognition every time you look at them. With hundreds of choices, including dog, cat and bird breeds, you’re sure to find the perfect urn that best represents your pet.

Create a Statement
Some pet owners prefer more subtle urns, such as our metal or wood urns, that complement home décor and blend into the surroundings. Our figurine cremation urns are designed to stand out and make a statement, no matter where you place them. If your pet was the heartbeat and center of your home, continue that tradition with one of our figurine urns for pets.

Endless Options
From the selection of breed types that you can customize to the finishes of the urns, you can design an urn that is as unique and special as your pet. Whether you prefer wood or bronze, we have a figurine that you’ll love.

Your chosen figurine pet urn is sure to become an object that you’ll treasure for years to come. Our many options are ideal for respectfully and lovingly displaying your pet’s remains. To learn more about our figurine pet urn, or to ask any other questions that you may have, please contact us today.

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