Multiple Cremation Options To Fit Your Wishes and Budget

Private pet cremation takes place with your pet, alone, in the cremation chamber. Private cremation is our specialty. At Paws, Whiskers & Wags, we are the only pet cremation provider with our patented Pet Tracker 360®, which will ensure the ashes you receive are the ashes of your pet. In addition to Pet Tracker 360®, we are the only pet crematory to allow our entire operation to be available for public inspection through our view window, in our comfortable reception area.

Community Cremation takes place when your pet is placed in the cremation chamber with other pets to a maximum weight limit. With community cremation, it is impossible to get the ashes of your pet back without them mixed with those of other pets. Community cremation is often less expensive and is used for final disposal. Because community cremation is used as a means for final disposal, no ashes are available for return and the cremation process will be accomplished at the discretion of Paws Whiskers and Wags.

To determine which is right for you, ask yourself, “Is it important to me to have my pet’s ashes back?”

Paws, Whiskers & Wags is available to assist pet owners and veterinarians 24 hours a day.

If you would like us to bring your loved one into our care from your personal residence, we can facilitate a house call service.

Micro – Medium Size Pets:      $75*

Large – Giant Size Pets:

  • With Owner Assistance: $75*
  • With Additional PWW Staff Member: $150*

*A Transportation fee of $2/mile based on distance from our facility will also be added to the House call service.

9 AM – 5 PM Monday through Friday

9 AM – Noon Saturday

Meet pet owner at facility after hours …………………….$150.00

Transportation fees may apply. Fees based on mileage and market conditions.

Private Pet Cremation For Your Loved One






Price for 1 minute



0-3 pounds



4-15 pounds



16-30 pounds



31-55 pounds



56-85 pounds



86-125 pounds



126+ pounds

Private Pet Cremation Includes:

  • Your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber alone and cremated alone.
  • Complimentary use of our comfortable, spacious facility to say goodbye to your family friend.
  • Pet Tracker 360®. Since the pet owner and veterinarian are rarely present for the entire cremation, Pet Tracker 360® guarantees cremation integrity by ensuring the ashes you receive are the ashes of your pet. Pet Tracker 360® follows each pet through the entire cremation process guaranteeing a private, dignified cremation, void of any doubt or uncertainty. Paws, Whiskers & Wags is the only pet cremation company to offer Pet Tracker 360®.
  • 100% disclosure. You are invited and welcome to remain on-site in our comfortable reception area. We have a view window into our entire operation.
  • Your pet will be sheltered at our facility until the cremation process is completed by trained professionals with more than 15 years cremation experience.
  • Timely service, often within 24 to 48 hours of taking your pet into our care.
  • Return of your pet’s ashes, carefully placed in a temporary container suitable for transport.
  • At your request, a copy of all paperwork sent to your veterinarian to alert them of your loss and for veterinary records.

We Also Have a Community Cremation Option






Price for 1 minute



0-49 pounds



50+ pounds