Mobile Euthanasia Vets in Atlanta, GA

Heron's Crossing In-Home Euthanasia

Dr. Lauren Cassady Smith and AssociatesHeron’s Crossing In-Home Euthanasia

Dr. Cassady Smith has been a general practitioner, emergency vet and practice owner. However, she feels that the one interaction where she can make the biggest difference in the lives of both pets and their families is during the final days and minutes of a pet’s life. Easing the suffering of a pet, in the comfort of their own home, helps the family feel at peace with their decision. Heron’s Crossing offers in-home euthanasia or private appointments in their home-like office in Decatur.

Dr. Lauren can be contacted by phone at (404) 334-0822.

Transitions Home Euthanasia

Dr. M. G. McReynoldsTransitions Home Euthanasia

Dr. McReynolds has over 20 years of experience in veterinary medicine and surgery. After observing a great need for home euthanasia services in Metro Atlanta, she founded Transitions Home Euthanasia over 20 years ago. She assists families in all aspects of the decision-making, procedure and aftercare.

Dr. McReynolds can be reached at (678) 471-1001.

Compassionate Care Veterinary Service

Dr. Karen JordanCompassionate Care Veterinary Service

Dr. Jordan is the founder and owner of Compassionate Care Veterinary Service. She practices general veterinary medicine and orthopedic surgery. As a mobile veterinarian, Dr. Jones also provides families with the opportunity to say goodbye to their pets in a comfortable, familiar environment.

Dr. Jordan can be contacted by phone at (770) 876-4144

Gentle Touch Home Veterinary Care

Dr. Christi JonesGentle Touch Home Veterinary Care

Dr. Jones earned her degree in veterinary medicine from the University of Georgia, then went on to practice smaller animal medicine in Dunwoody. Today she works as a relief veterinarian in the Metro Atlanta and Decatur communities. Through Gentle Touch Home Veterinary Care, she provides compassionate home euthanasia services, offering pet owners peace of mind.

Dr. Jones can be contacted by phone at (770) 709-8899.

Nathan's Ark Mobile Veterinarian

Dr. Carol Tobias, Nathans Ark Mobile Veterinarian

Dr. Carol Tobias graduated from UGA Veterinary School in 1998 and started her mobile practice in 2009. She sees domestic pets such as dogs and cats, we well as exotic pets, domestic chickens and fish/koi. Mobile services are offered throughout the Greater Atlanta area and include sick visits, emergencies, hospice care and euthanasia for pets in the comfort of their own home.

Dr. Tobias can be contacted by phone at (404) 218-2776.

Mobile Euthanasia Vets in Charlotte, NC

Goodknight Mobile Veterinary Care, PLLC

Dr. Rachel Goodknight, Goodknight Mobile Veterinary Care

Dr. Rachel Goodknight has been practicing in the Charlotte area for over 10 years and opened Goodknight Mobile Veterinary Care in order to provide compassionate, in-home veterinary visits. Pets are always happiest at home with their families, and she strongly believes that allowing your pet to pass peacefully in the comfort of your home is the most beautiful last gift that you can give them. Are you unsure of whether it is time to allow your pet to pass? Dr. Goodknight provides comprehensive quality-of-life consults for families struggling with this difficult decision so they can make it more confidently.

Please view details and book an appointment on

Mobile Euthanasia Vets in Covington, GA

Brown Veterinary Services

Dr. Erin Brown, Brown Veterinary Service

Dr. Brown has a full-service in-home mobile veterinary clinic that serves Walton, Gwinnett, Morgan, Rockdale and Newton Counties. She brings veterinary care into the comfort of your own home for both large and small animals. Services include routine pre-purchase exams, surgical services, dentals and in-home euthanasia.

Dr. Brown can be contacted by phone a (678) 464-1712

Bay Creek Mobile Veterinary Services

Dr. Kristen Arp, Bay Creek Mobile Veterinary Service

Dr. Arp specializes in in-home hospice and palliative care for animals who have been diagnosed with a terminal or life limiting illness. Services also include in-home euthanasia, where the pet is most at peace, and after care. Her goal is to assist pets in the last leg of their journey by providing them with better comfort while providing their grieving humans with timely advice and support.

Dr. Arp can be contacted by phone a (678) 863-9408

Paws & Claws Mobile Veterinary Service

Dr. Sherri Carithers, Paws & Claws Mobile Veterinary Service

As part of her mobile full-service veterinary services, Dr. Carithers offers in-home euthanasia in Newton, Rockdale and Henry Counties. She does NOT provide emergency or after-hours services.

Dr. Carithers can be contacted by phone a (404) 229-1118

What is in home euthanasia?

Home euthanasia provides pet owners with the opportunity to spend those last precious moments with their pet in the peaceful surroundings of their own home. It’s personal, private, and compassionate.  A mobile veterinarian comes to your home to euthanize your pet, or put your pet to sleep. This allows your pet to remain in a comfortable, familiar, stress-free environment. In-home euthanasia is a perfect option for pets who experience fear and anxiety when visiting their vet’s office or traveling in the car. It is also appropriate for families who plan ahead after a terminal diagnosis. It is a compassionate decision made to end your pet’s pain and suffering.

We at Paws, Whiskers & Wags are proud to partner with the following mobile veterinarians who specialize in end of life care and in home euthanasia.

Please note that these veterinarians handle their own scheduling and payment, so please contact them directly.

“Having the ability to say goodbye to my pet at home, was extremely comforting during that difficult time in our family’s life. I think it was also helpful for my children and other pets to say goodbye as well.”

Home Euthanasia FAQs

Does Paws, Whiskers & Wags offer euthanasia services?

Paws, Whiskers & Wags partners with many respected veterinarians, both mobile and clinic-based, to handle cremation services for your pet. We do not perform euthanasia services, but we can direct you to several mobile veterinarians in the metro Atlanta, Charlotte, NC and Hickory, NC areas who will come to your home to assess your pet and their needs.

Please see the adjacent list for our recommended mobile veterinarians, and contact them directly for scheduling, pricing, and other information. If you have any questions, please contact us and we can answer any questions you might have.

How much does home euthanasia cost?

Each of our mobile veterinary partners, listed to the left, handle their own scheduling and pricing. Some mobile veterinarians will package all of their services and cremation together with one fee. Other mobile veterinarians will charge separately for in home euthanasia services, transportation services, and cremation services. Each in home euthanasia partner handles their own pricing – please reach out to them directly or contact us for more information.

What if we euthanize our pet after hours?

If you are a pet owner and you need our services after regular business hours, please contact us, as we have a staff member on call 24/7.

If you are a veterinary partner and have our paperwork in your office, simply follow the instructions to fill out the form and fax it to the listed number or submit the pet information through our Vet Portal.  We will reach out to your office to coordinate with you and your staff to bring the pet into our care.  Once the pet is in our care, we will contact the owner to go over the paperwork and obtain permission to proceed with the cremation.

If we are not a current Paws, Whiskers and Wags veterinary partner, can we still contact you for cremation services?

Yes. Please contact us with the following information, and we will reach out to coordinate bringing the loved one into our care.

  1. Your name, clinic and phone number
  2. The Pet’s name, weight, and description
  3. The Owner’s name and phone number.

What are the advantages to being a Paws, Whiskers and Wags veterinary partner?

When your clients ask you if they will get their pet’s ashes returned to them, you can say “yes” with confidence knowing that our PetTracker 360 system guarantees a chain of custody that is held to the same standard as a human crematory.

  • The assurance that your clients will be cared for with compassion at the end of their pet’s life.
  • A quick easy system to help your clients with private cremation.
  • Complimentary grief resources are provided to our veterinary partners and our clients, and we also provide staff training to our veterinary partners free of charge

How does my pet get to Paws, Whiskers & Wags?

You have several different transportation options. Many of our mobile veterinarians will transport your pet directly to one of our facilities. You are also more than welcome to bring your pet to us, or we can come to your home to bring your pet into our care directly.

Who offers home euthanasia services?

We recommend the following mobile veterinarians in the metro Atlanta, GA and Charlotte, NC areas. All the veterinarians listed use our pet cremation services and have after-hours access to our facility. For more information, you are welcome to contact us directly. Some clinic veterinarians will also provide in-home euthanasia, so ask your veterinarian if they can make arrangements at your home.