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Nothing can match the love and affection that a treasured pet brings to a home. The passing of beloved pets is inevitable, but that doesn’t make it any less difficult. Honoring your dog or cat in your home is one way to find solace to the grief you are feeling. When a close friend or family member passes, we honor their lives and pay respect to their impact in our lives. The same can be done for pets, as they have become part of your family and home.

A marble pet urn gives you the opportunity to preserve the remains of your favorite pet in an attractive way that matches the ambiance of your home. Our range of options are ideal for those who want to display their pet’s ashes and make their homes a comfortable final resting place.

We offer stunning marble urns in a variety of styles and elegant designs. They are all curved and graceful, but some boast slightly more detailing through ridging and trims. Our urns come in a range of colors, from bright, cobalt blue to beautifully veined, silver cloud to deep, dark midnight marble. When thinking of your pet, you may find that a specific color speaks to you. Perhaps your lovable feline would be well represented by our garnet red marble urn that is a showstopping piece.

All of our marble urns are made from cultured stone that is durable and long-lasting, so you don’t have to worry about cracks or breakage. You can display your pet’s urn on a side table or mantle without worrying about an accidental tip or knock resulting in a heartbreaking mess. Because the stone is so durable, our urns can even be displayed outside—you may have the perfect spot in mind where you loved playing fetch with your dog or sitting with your cat. Our marble urns can withstand all types of weather.

Marble is a material that has long been used as memorials for loved ones. When our pets become members of the family, we want to give them the same dignity that we reserve for those closest to us. A marble pet urn allows you to demonstrate just how much your pet meant to you, and it gives you the chance to show your pet’s personality through its color and design.
**Please note that marble is a natural material so there will be different variations of coloring.**

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