Barksdale Howery

01/13/2014 - 03/26/2023


Obituary For Barksdale Howery

Barksdale was a miracle puppy born to his mother “Baby” as her one and only litter. He was the biggest and loudest of all of the puppies and we were warned, he would be the toughest to train. They were right, but what they didn’t know was our family was the perfect fit. He was our Barky…people were always amazed by his bark, it was the bark of a pitty coming out of a Bichon. He was our loyal protector and our best friend. He could not bare to be away from us and spent every night by one of our feet with his paw resting on them. The silence in the house is deafening with him gone. We will remember Barksdale as the dog that never really understood the point of playing “fetch” ( he would go get the ball but never bring it back to us🙂) , never was 100% housebroken ( if he had to go…he went), and would peek around the living room chair to beg for food when scolded to move back while we ate. We will miss you but are just as grateful for the 9 years of love and headaches you brought us! Rest well my boy! Love you; Momma

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  • 04/04/2023

    I loved Barksdale. He was a great dog and a great were never truly home alone with Barksdale there because he never left you alone. That's why I loved him he was always there to cheer you up. He had soo much personality and was always so lively and happy. I'm Blessed to have had Barksdale as a dog and my friend. I'll never forget him. Rest In Peace Barky🕊

  • 04/03/2023

    Barksdale was our granddog. He was a very big part of our lives even though we didn't get to see him as often as we wanted to. As he lived in Georgia and we are in Texas. But every time I talk to his mama I made sure to ask about our Barksdale.Whenever we went to be with our family in Georgia we also went to see Barksdale. We will miss him, especially his begging for food, and us sneaking it to him.He was more than a pet he was family. Nana and Papa❤❤

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