Holiday Lenore Williams

08/26/2014 - 05/15/2022


Obituary For Holiday Lenore Williams

Holiday the love, light and laughter of our home for almost eight years. She was born at a Texas animal shelter but brought to Georgia along with her sister Guinevere and brother Lancelot to be properly taken care of until it was time for adoption. That October day, when I first saw Holiday, (originally named Daisy) my morning turned into endless rainbows as I held her tiny body and she snuggled deeply into my arms.

When I brought her home, she quickly let me know that chewing the baseboards was preferred over various purchases pet store and vet recommended chewing inhibitors.

Holiday or “Holi” ruled our home. At the sound of a doorbell, her petite seven pounds ignited into that of a ferocious barking dog ten times her size. But once the door opened and the visitor came in, Holi was all smooches and tail wagging! She actually loved company and in group settings, when laughter was present, Holi would open her mouth in that unique Pomeranian way and look like she was laughing right along with the group.

Tummy rubs, nuzzling her soft pink belly until she’d let me know she’d had enough with a soft “grrrr” and numerous licks in the morning and at bedtime were our ritual. When I had to go to work, she’d take her place in her daytime bed in front of the door to await my return. Throughout the day, Holiday would check on her Granny (my Mom) to make sure she and her caregivers were okay. Or she would let Granny know she needed to go outside for a potty break and to chase a few rabbits and those pesky squirrels in the backyard.

Life was good until out of nowhere seizures proved to be to much for Holidays tender heart. She left this world and me all too soon. But Holiday leaves many who loved and appreciated her dearly, namely her Granny Eleanor, soon to be Dad Jeffery, Auntie Kim, Uncle Marc, Doctors Reichman and Palasz and the staff at Flat Creek Animal Clinic, Cindy at Happy Time Boarding and me, her heart broken mommy who misses her terribly, loved her beyond words and will forever cherish her beautiful memory. My little Binky, you will alway be Mommy’s little girl.

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