Mr. Yin Riley

03/27/2009 - 05/09/2022


Obituary For Mr. Yin Riley

People always say that pets are family but this is an understatement for Mr Yin. He was truly an angel that blessed our family. When my mother was sick he helped me nurse her back to health with his love. He always had this strength within him even before he chose our family. He was surviving on the streets by himself before we adopted him from the shelter. One time he got lost in the woods in the back of our home ,and my Mother and I were worried because it was the middle of winter. He had been lost for about a week and we were terrified, but little did we know he was stronger than we could ever imagine. One morning I was walking outside on my way to school and before I made it out the door, he came running up to me from out of nowhere. I screamed “Mommmm” and she already knew what I meant without hesitation. She came running down the stairs and he quite literally hugged us as he jumped up in between us and put his paws around both of us. The thing I admired about him in that moment, was the courage he showed! He was lost for a week and when we reunited he was perfectly healthy because he knew how to survive on his own. These examples of his strength continued to show me how much we needed him. During hard times he continued to be our escape and our adventure as he loved to travel as much as us if not more. Every time we’d prepare to leave the house he’d ask to go with us by spinning around and asking for permission. It was the cutest thing ever because he knew an adventure awaited us and he wouldn’t dare allow us to let him miss out. He also reminded me of my Mom as well because his strength was always accompanied with a smile. Even in his old age when he developed health problems he always had a smile and made sure we knew he loved us by showing us with his affection and his effort to play with us. My Mom always mentioned how he didn’t bark for just anything and how when he barked it was always a purpose. Despite how small he was his bark was as big as his spirit and his bark was his voice. He left a mark on this earth and in our hearts with his love, strength, courage and compassion and I will eternally miss him. I called him Mr Yin because he deserved the respect the title came with. He was sent to us as an angel in the flesh and now that he’s in heaven I know that he’ll be on guard.

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  • 05/29/2022

    Mr.Yin, I never met you but you hold a place in my heart forever💕. From what I have heard about you, you were truly one of a kind! To my family my prayers go out to you all and please call me if you guys need anything! I love you Mr.Yin, rest peacefully💕..

  • 05/26/2022

  • 05/26/2022

    I never got to meet Mr Yin but I felt like I knew him through the stories that auntie Mae would tell me about him. Pam and Caliph, I am so sorry for you all loss. Keep remembering all of the good times that you all had with him. Love, cousin Melissa

  • 05/23/2022

    Mr Yin were my granddog, Memories of him will always remain in my heart. He Will truly be missed.

  • 05/23/2022

    He will truly be missed

  • 05/23/2022

    I will truly miss my lil man, my buddy, my road dog, literally! Mr. Yin was the most intuitive, loving and adventurous dog, I had the honor of calling my family. He was the best thing to come into my son and my life! My heart beats with both happiness and pain because of his absence. I'm happy because all of the wonderful memories make me smile, but the pain comes in because our time for memory making has come to an end. Mr. Yin holds a special place in my heart, and I will forever miss his spirit! Love you my buddy, my road dog, MY MR. YIN!!

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