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Urns and Memorials

Himalayan Salt Urn


Know that your loved one’s remains will be laid to rest in a natural, organic way with the biodegradable Himalayan Salt Urn.


The Himalayan Salt Urn is a striking urn for burial or for eco-friendly water burial. Made of naturally produced Himalayan rock salt, these pet urns are 100% biodegradable and vary in color from glowing pink to soft orange. Each urn is truly unique, and will be the perfect natural send off for your loved one. These pet urns will break down naturally in water in approximately four hours. These pet urns can also be buried in soil to break down naturally over 4-5 months. The Himalayan Salt Urn provide an eco-friendly and responsible method to return your pet’s remains back to nature.

Size Pet Weight (lbs) Item Code Dimensions
Mini 0 – 60 SC-3SLT01M 6.75 x 4″
Large 0 – 220 SC-3SLT01 9.5 x 8″

Please note: This urn is intended for water or earth burial of remains, and is not intended for longterm storage or use.

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Dimensions N/A
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Large (0-220 lbs), Mini (0-60 lbs)


Himalayan Rock Salt

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