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How Soon Should You Get a New Pet? July 14, 2014

Little sad dogHow long should you wait after the loss of a pet until you get another one? The answer depends entirely on you and how you are dealing with the loss.

Here are some questions to ask yourself that might help you gauge the right time to welcome a new pet into the family.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a New Pet

Is everyone in the household really ready?

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that everyone deals will loss in their own way and at their own pace. Make sure the whole family is ready to make this step—if not, it’s best to wait until everyone has come to accept the loss.

It may help to talk about your decision with a specialized grief support counselor. Paws, Whiskers, & Wags hosts free monthly grief support sessions for all clients, and offers guidance for difficult end-of-life decisions.

Have you thought about fostering an animal?

Providing a foster home for a homeless animal can help you decide if you are ready for a new pet. Whether or not you decide to keep a foster pet, you’ll provide a nice, warm bed for a dog or cat until they find their forever home.

How are surviving pets dealing with the loss?

It may be easy to forget that surviving pets are dealing with the loss of a friend as well. It is important to make sure they are behaving normally (eating, drinking, sleeping, exercising) before introducing a new pet.

In some cases, a new companion may actually help some animals cope with the loss. Since you know your pets better than anyone, it is up to you to decide what will work best for the furry members of your household.

Are you avoiding dealing with your grief?

After the loss of a pet, some owners feel the urge to bring home a new puppy or kitten right away. If you have not fully accepted your pet’s passing, you may find that bringing a new pet into your home is a complicated matter.

Others find that welcoming a new pet into the home will helps them focus on the joy of life, rather than the pain of a pet’s passing.

Everyone deals with the loss of a pet differently, and it’s important to consider your own motivations when looking for a new pet.

Are you ready for the cost of a new pet?

Although this is a practical question, it is an important one. In addition to the cost of actually adopting or buying the pet, you may have extra expenses to get them settled into their new home. Don’t forget to ensure that you and your family are financially ready to welcome your new furry friend with open arms.

Paws, Whiskers & Wags Understands

The staff at Paws, Whiskers & Wags understands that losing a pet is a difficult and traumatic experience. The compassionate and talented teams in Covington and Decatur, Georgia provide cremation services, as well as coping and grief resources to help you deal with the loss of a pet.

Contact our Decatur or Covington locations 24 hours a day by phone at (866) 497-PAWS, or reach out via our online contact form.