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Where Do You Put a Pet Urn? June 6, 2022

If you have ever lost a beloved pet, then you understand how important it is to honor the life and memories that you created with your furry companion. Some people choose to bury their animals, but others prefer cremation. This option gives you the opportunity to have a special place for your pet’s cremains, often in an urn.

There are a variety of urns to choose from and most animal lovers will pick the one that fits the unique personality of their pet. But no matter which urn you choose, you may wonder where you should display it in your home. Here are four great ideas for where to put a pet urn.

Coffee Table Pet Urn

If your pet was the center of your life, then it makes sense to place his or her urn in the center of your living area. The coffee table is an ideal spot to have a pet urn if you do not have small children or other pets in your home. You wouldn’t want the urn to be tipped over accidentally. However, placing it on a tray next to a stack of decorative books and a potted house plant creates a centerpiece and a focal point that will remind you of the good memories every time you sit on the couch.


In many homes, the fireplace serves as the focal point for the living room. If you have a mantle, you can display your cat urn or dog urn where everyone can see it. Not only will you enjoy looking at the urn, but you’ll have a topic of conversation when you welcome visitors into your home.

If your home features a specific color scheme or décor style, choose an urn that is complementary. It will feel like a natural addition to your mantle’s design.


You don’t have to have a fireplace mantle in your home in order to display your pet urn. Even a basic bookshelf can turn into an altar of sorts where you can show off your pet’s memorabilia, in addition to the urn. This is also a great option if you don’t want the urn to feature as prominently in the room. Maybe you feel like it is something special and private that only those who are very observant will notice and ask you about. In those tender moments, you can share a special memory with a trusted friend or loved one.


Remember, you can think outside of the home as well when it comes to placing your pet urn. Perhaps your pet preferred time spent in the backyard. Why not create an outside memorial area where you can safely place the urn. Be sure to keep it covered if you experience harsh weather in your area. When possible, keep it up off of the ground, maybe on a bench or pedestal.

No matter where you decide to display your pet urn, you’ll be glad that you have this small memorial that can keep the spirit of your pet alive in your home. Contact Paws, Whiskers & Wags to see our display of cat urns, dog urns and other memorial keepsakes.