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How Do You Remember a Deceased Pet? March 15, 2022

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How Do You Remember a Deceased Pet?

When you lose a beloved pet, it can feel like the loss of a close family member. After all, that furry companion likely provided you with comfort, friendship and emotional support. For many pet owners, deciding how to remember, honor or memorialize a dead pet can help ease the grief that accompanies this loss. Here are a few unique and touching ideas to consider for a pet memorial.

1. Create a memorial for your loved one.

Take a few minutes to remember and write down the memories you cherish of your pet. Find your favorite photo of your loved one and submit an online obituary. Your family and friends can leave condolences to share in your celebration of your pet, and light a candle in their memory.

2. Garden Stones

In some locations, backyard burials are allowed for pets. If you choose to go that route, pet memorial garden stones are a great option. You can designate a part of your yard as a memorial to your animal that has passed from this life. Some families decide to scatter their pet’s remains after cremation, and commemorate their favorite spot with an outdoor memorial. Even if you don’t bury your pet in your yard, a garden stone can be the perfect place to stop and reflect upon the memories of your pet’s life.

3. Urns

Pet cremation has become a popular option for pets who have passed. Choosing an urn that holds the cremains of your dog or cat can give you a tangible way to memorialize him or her. There are many different types and styles available, giving you the ability to pick one that fits the personality of your pet. That way, every time you look at the urn, you’ll think of the good times spent together.

4. Personalized Portraits

In a similar vein, you can memorialize your pet with a personalized, portrait painting. A custom work of art is something you can display and treasure for years to come. While this option may come with a higher price tag than others, you’ll receive a priceless heirloom that can serve as a way to bring up happy memories.

5. Jewelry

When you really want to keep the spirit of your pet close, a piece of jewelry that can be worn daily is the way to go. Some pieces can even hold a small portion of your dog or cat’s ashes in a pendant. Others may be charms with the pet’s name or even a paw print. You can also go the customized route and create a one-of-a-kind piece that is meaningful to you.

6. Make a donation of your time

Losing a pet can be an isolating and lonely experience. Sharing with others, whether at a pet loss support group meeting or in another format, can help in the grieving process. We want our pets and their lives to mean something, and donating to an organization that supports pets can be a way to do that. Many rescue and shelter organizations take donations in memoriam, and many pet owners find that donating their time or even monetarily in memory of their pet can be a restorative experience. Visit our Charitable Support page to find our more about our partner rescue organizations, and our community events page to find local pet events near you.

Losing a pet is never easy, but celebrating and memorializing the life of your pet can help in the grieving process. Whatever option you choose, make sure that it brings you peace and gives you the chance to reflect upon the powerful bond that you shared with your pet. Contact us today to find out what options we offer for pet memorial services, as well as urns, jewelry and figurines that are the perfect pet memorial ornaments for your home.