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Erin Schmidt

Managing Cat-Static

By Dr. Lauren Cassady, DVM Have you ever gotten a jolt of ‘cat-tricity’? In winter especially, cat fur builds up a static charge, made all the worse when you shuffle across a carpet to pet your little one. Suddenly, several causes have just combined to give both of you a…...

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Park Day For Your Senior Dog

By Lauren Cassady, DVM   Your senior dog may not be so frisky anymore, but she still needs a little exercise to keep her joints flexible and muscles toned. Taking her to the park or a dog park will also renew her sense of adventure, and help to sharpen cognitive…...

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When Your Dog Loses A Pal

By Lauren Cassady, DVM   When our dogs lose another pet, a friend, or family member, whether it’s from parting ways or going over the rainbow bridge, the effect can be profound. They grieve, because they form such strong bonds. They will feel our grief or sadness, too, and will…...

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Holiday Games To Play With Your Dog

By Lauren Cassady, DVM   If your dog’s stocking hangs from the mantel, you might find her staring at it for hours, waiting for the goodies inside. Instead, why not play some games to make the holidays special even for your pet? This will strengthen the bond between both of…...

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Holiday Games to Play With Your Cat

By Lauren Cassady, DVM   One way to keep your cat from fixating on the fact that there is a tree in the house this Christmas is to play games with him. Cats are natural hunters, so what better game than to play hide and seek with special treats from…...

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